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Plant Lipids has always been extremely focused at pioneering new products that address key applications from time to time.

Encapsulated Flavours

Our microencapsulation technology sets new standards in the industry by capturing various aromas of tea that get released on contact with medium. By incorporating this technology, everyday experiences are enriched, releasing encapsulated essences to create refined sensory encounters whether it’s in teas or soups.


Our Natural Extracts not only enhance flavour but also serve as potent antioxidants. Abundant in natural compounds, they effectively combat free radicals, safeguarding your products and supporting longevity. The dual advantages of aromatic richness and antioxidant power enhance both taste and health.

Aromatic notes

Our advanced method for aroma extraction accurately captures the subtle notes of teas and top notes of fruits for beverages while maintaining their natural essence. With our expertise, we create a seamless blend of aromas that elevate your products to exceptional levels of quality.

Liquid blends

Our versatile liquid blends are designed to enhance a wide range of applications, enriching diverse traditions with a unique range. Reflecting our commitment to excellence, these solutions are tailored to deliver distinct and authentic sensory experiences.

Flavourful top notes

From roasted, toasted, and fried, to smoked onion and garlic, our flavourful top notes add depth and aroma to your dishes.

Latest News

We are actively involved in major events and cutting-edge research initiatives. Explore the latest developments, significant advancements, and key milestones in Plant Lipids’ journey.

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